The Missouri Association and the community of Marshall did a good job hosting the 2005 National Contest. It was a good standing field of corn with shucks that held tight on the ears. Rain in the afternoon meant that cleaning the shucks off the ears of corn would be more important. Similar to the 1937 National Contest held in Missouri, hudge deductions played a part in the results.

The State of Missouri reclaimed the National Title for 2005 with 11 out of the 33 possible points. The Missouri team consisted of : (Womens Open, Emma Johnson and Rochelle Myers) (Women 21 - 49, Julie Schroder and Joanie Aulgur) (Senior Women, Pat Becker and Judy Deal) (Senior Men, John Becker and Paul Aulgur) (Men's 21 -49, Darrell Russell and Lawrance Deal) (Men's Open, Henry Deal, Rob Roberts and, Mitchell Burns) (Golden Agers, Clifford Webb and Charles Huxoll) (Boy's Youth, Khris Deal and Seth Roberts) and (Gilr's Youth, Sara Schroeder and Kayla Davis).

Girls under 21

Boys under 21

Golden Agers

Men's Open

Men's 21 - 49

Senior Men 50 and up

Senior Women 50 and up

Women 21- 49

Womens Open