Klein and Rose Plaque
Leland Klein and Bill Rose National Championship Plaque
A plaque was established in 1997 in memory of Leland Klein and Bill Rose. They participated in the National contests in the 1930's and 1940's. At that time the National contests were 80 minutes in length. All the contestants would start at the same time and finish at the same time.
Leland Klein while picking in the 1941 National Contest at Tonic Illinois was credited with the least amount of deductions for a National contest. He placed second in the contest. That same year he was one of the only four men ever to pick 50 bushels in an 80 minute contest.
Bill Rose won the Illinois contest in 1937 to qualify for the National contest. It was a  rainy day at Marshall Missouri  when Bill picked the largest gross load. After the deductions were calculated he had earned his way into the record book for the most deductions at a National contest, 1,341.56 pounds deducted out of a gross of 2,025 pounds.
Both men were instrumental in helping revive the corn husking contest in Illinois and at the National level. They both won their share of corn husking contest and were willing to share their experiences and techniques.
Bill Rose     and     Leland Klein
Host  State Held      Year National Champion or Cochampion
Oakley Kansas      1975 Kansas
Des Monies Iowa      1976 Iowa
Oakley Kansas      1977 Iowa
Brandon South Dakota      1978 South Dakota
Dayton Ohio      1979 Iowa
Oakley  Kansas      1980 Minnesota
Des Monies Iowa      1981 Iowa
New Castle Indiana      1982 Kansas
Sanborn  Minnestoa      1983 Iowa  &  South Dakota
Brandon South Dakota      1984 South Dakota
Ostrander Ohio      1985 Kansas
Oakley Kansas      1986 Iowa
Marshall Missouri      1987 Iowa
Fairview Illinois      1988 Kansas
Brandon South Dakota      1989 Iowa
Hastings Nebraska      1990 Iowa
Kimbalton Iowa      1991 Iowa
Richmond Indiana      1992 Kansas
Upper Sandusky Ohio      1993 Ohio
Wykoff Minnesota      1994 Illinois  &  Missouri
Oakley Kansas      1995 Illinois  &  Missouri
Marshall Missouri      1996 South Dakota
Monmouth  Illinois     1997 Illinois
Sioux Falls South Dakota      1998 Illinois
Gothenburg Nebraska      1999 Iowa
Kimballton Iowa       2000 Iowa
Gilfillan Estate Minnesota       2001 Illinois
Hunington Indiana       2002 Missouri
Upper Sandusky Ohio       2003 Illinois & Nebraska
Oakley Kansas       2004 Missouri
Marshall Missouri       2005 Missouri
Columbus Nebraska       2006 Illinois & Nebraska
Dell Rapids South Dakota       2007 Nebraska
Roseville Illinois       2008 Illinois & Nebraska
North Manchester Indiana       2009 Missouri
Oakley Kansas       2010 Nebraska
Marshall Missouri       2011 Missouri
Central City Nebraska       2012 Missouri
Greenville Ohio       2013 Illinois
Amana Iowa       2014 Iowa
West Lafayette Indiana       2015 Missouri
Goodhue Minnesota       2016 Illinois
Marshall Missouri      2017 Missouri
Flandreu South Dakota      2018 Missouri
Gothenburg Nebraska      2019 Missouri & Nebraska

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